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At LEADING EDGE FITNESS we provide a personalised service that supports our clients to get strong, be fit and to get the edge on their health, fitness and self defence goals.

We take the time to understand our clients, to develop tailored programs for every client, from any sporting or fitness background.

Our mission is to deliver unprecedented service that supports our team: body, mind and nutrition.

What does that actually mean?


Focused on functional fitness – strength you can feel, Martial Arts you can use, progress you can measure and results that show.


Your most powerful asset! The team at Leading Edge fitness are continuously developing themselves to provide the best available mindset coaching to support our clients to achieve their goals. We know that with the right mindset anything is possible!


We believe that educating and empowering our team to make good choices is the key to success. We offer a range of food coaching services to support our clients to achieve their goals and enjoy the good things in life.

get strong and be fit

Our commitment to you

This is all tied together with our personal commitment to our clients. We are accessible to our clients because we know that extra bit of support on your journey can make all of the difference. We will go the extra mile every day to support you to achieve your goals.

Our boutique gym offers a positive and motivating space that welcomes everyone and we have a range of membership and service packages available.

All of our training is designed to help you get strong and be fit – for everybody for every life!


Why would you use a personal trainer?

How can a personal trainer help YOU?


We know how to keep you accountable, motivated and focused on your fitness goals. We know how to bring out the best in you so that you can achieve the results you are looking for.


We know that not everybody will respond the same to different exercises. We take the time to assess you and then teach you how to structure your training around your strengths to maximise your time and results.


At Leading Edge Fitness we understand that life can be challenging and stressful. We know that exercise can play a huge part in your holistic wellbeing. We offer a safe, positive training environment where you will be supported and encouraged to train at your best and to become the best version of you possible.


Let us help you improve your body, mind and nutrition to get you stronger and fitter not just for the gym, sports or Martial Arts but for your EVERYDAY LIFE.

what OUR CLIENts Are Saying

Client Testimonials

I started training with LEADING EDGE FITNESS because I wanted to improve my strength and physique and generally be fitter in my daily life. I needed to get a better understanding of what to do in the gym and how to workout correctly. Mark wrote a program that suited me and coached me through how to do all the exercises with correct form. Mark constantly monitors and updates my workout programs and always keeps me focused on what it is I need to do to see the results I am wanting.

Shane, 49, Sales Manager

I started training with LEADING EDGE FITNESS because I wanted to improve my strength. I had been a competition body builder previously but I was looking for a different way to train. Mark wrote a strength and performance training program for me and helped me understand how to maximise my lifting and weight training. Because of this I am stronger than I have ever been and I am back to enjoying my gym time like never before. My strength and fitness levels are now at an all time high thanks to LEADING EDGE FITNESS and the coaching and encouragement that they have provided.

Nathan, 27, Performance Artist

After surgery I was unable to exercise as I had been. Once my physio gave me the all clear to do exercise I contacted Mark from LEADING EDGE FITNESS. I needed a trainer who would understand my limitations, but also assist in my rehabilitation and return to exercise. I knew that if I trained on my own I would risk further injury so I needed to have an appropriate training program designed for me and a trainer who would take the time to help me get the results I was wanting.

Mark tailors each sessions to meet my specific needs. He clearly puts a lot of time into designing his programs which are varied and focused on my long term goals. Mark works closely with me and constantly helps me improve my technique so I get the best possible results.

Stef, 26, Health Care

Training with Mark from LEADING EDGE FITNESS I have improved my mobility and my strength and I am now in some of the best shape of my life. The personal approach that Mark has to his clients is great and he really takes the time to listen to what I want and develops training plans suited to my needs. Mark has been able to keep me motivated and I have hit every fitness/strength goal I have set for myself.

Blake, 36, Emergency Services

Mark has been my personal trainer for over a year and a half now. In that time I have achieved great results due to Marks personalised exercise programs and his ability to keep me accountable and motivated every session. His extensive knowledge of different training methods and his commitment to me as a client provides me with exactIy what I need to achieve my goals and continue to get the best results I have ever had in the gym.

Madeline, 23, Paramedic

I started training with Mark after I had seen the awesome results he had training a close friend of mine. Mark is passionate about fitness and it shows in the effort he puts into to every session we have. Mark makes each of my workouts challenging but most importantly, each workout is designed so I can reach the fitness goals I have set for myself. Mark always shows me how to use correct form with each exercise and takes the time to explain the workout sessions to me. Mark is a great motivator and always encourages me to push past my previous limits. Marks training methods have helped me get fantastic results and I always look forward to my next gym session.

Nikita, 24, Stylist

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