This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked.

I want to get in shape but I need some help – is a Personal Trainer the right choice for me?

OK, you have made the decision – you are going to hit the gym and get in shape, that’s brilliant.

Now what?

It can be a little intimidating to get started if you haven’t trained for a while (or ever!) and there are so many options out there.
The first thing is – what are you hoping to achieve? Have you set some big goals like completing your first 5km run? Maybe even a marathon? A BJJ competition or a killer pre-season for footy?
You’ve heard about people getting good results with a personal trainer, but what do they actually do to help you hit that goal?

Any goal needs a few things to be successful…

It needs to be specific – what exactly do you want to achieve? The goals mentioned above are pretty specific, but what if you have a more general goal of just getting in better shape? It’s difficult to actually measure if you are successful and it can be hard to maintain motivation.

Our top tip is – be specific. For example, if you do want to feel and look better you might set a goal to achieve a certain improvement in your strength – for example, squat 50kg for 10 reps. It’s very specific and easy to measure. Or you might want to drop a dress size. Or run that 5km for the first time. Whatever the goal – put a number on it! It helps you plan and prepare and keeps you focused and a personal trainer can help coach you through goal setting to make sure you have a clear target in mind.

You’ve heard it before but you have to put a time-frame on it!
Committing to a goal is great but if it’s ‘someday’ it might never happen. So commit to a time-frame.

This is where a personal trainer can really help you out – they can assess if your time-frame is realistic and if the goal you have set is achievable in that time-frame. At Leading Edge Fitness we know anything is possible – it’s just going to come down to the time you are willing to commit to it! We can help you assess how long it will take you to successfully hit that goal.

What if I don’t know how to actually achieve my goal?

So, you want to drop a dress size or run 5km but don’t know where to start? This is where a personal trainer can be a great support. A good personal trainer can map out a plan in your agreed timeframe to make sure you are on track. It’s all about breaking the goal down into smaller steps and then planning the actions that will help you get there. If you haven’t run before, kicking off with 5km can seem pretty daunting. A personal trainer can help you map out interval runs and shorter training styles to build your endurance so that before you know it, you are hitting the 5km with ease and planning your first half marathon!

There are a few other things that a good personal trainer can help you out with…

Correct Technique:

Even if you’re a gym rat hitting the gym daily, you can still benefit from having a personal trainer assess your movements.
They can guide you to optimize your workout sessions so that you get the most out of every exercise.

Weight Loss:

If you’re on a weight loss mission, a personal trainer can help you identify the right exercise routine for you that will give you the best results for your body type- Plus, they can also help you with nutrition to maximise weight loss.

Motivation and Support:

A personal trainer is not just there to guide you through your fitness program, they are also there to help you stay motivated. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone at the gym to keep you accountable so that you push yourself to get the most out of every workout?
If your answer is a yes, then don’t hesitate to invest in a personal trainer.

Increase Efficiency:

If you have a limited amount of time for exercise, your fitness trainer will make sure you utilize the time well to gain maximum benefit. A personal trainer can help you increase the efficiency of your workout by offering different suggestions that suit your lifestyle – there is no cookie cutter approach when you find a great trainer!

Whatever your personal situation is investing in a personal trainer is indeed a great idea if you want to get a head start on achieving your goals. Accountability, motivation, programming, nutrition, knowledge, why to try and do it all yourself when you can use someone with years of experience and who knows what it takes to get the results that you are looking for.

Good Luck!