Well, not really BUT it can help keep you accountable for maintaining your commitment to your fitness journey.

Announce your fitness goals to the world, tell everyone what you are planning to do and show them how your journey is going. Tell everyone what your short term fitness goals are. If you are lacking motivation, tell the world, ask for tips on how to get over the rut you may of found yourself in. You will be surprised about the amount of positive like-minded people out there doing exactly what you are doing, or have already done it, and the vast majority are happy to offer tips on what worked for them.

Social media can be a positive and motivating space If used correctly. Look at the information that people are providing you and find bits of knowledge that work and help you along the way. If you are unsure about some advice given DM the person asking them to explain in more detail, I have found most people will be happy to elaborate on a point that they have made AND as always with fitness information seek the advice of your Personal Trainer just to make sure.

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