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Want to know how to defend yourself and quickly take control of any real-life situation?

What we do is not a sport, it’s for real-life- effective, practical techniques you can count on to be used in any type of street fight scenario.

With over 20 years of experience training Martial Arts around the world, and a career as a Police Officer with active specialist unit service and deployment, Head Instructor Sifu Mark West knows what it takes to train for any situation you may have to face in the real world, with fast, powerful, dynamic techniques that can be used to dominate an attacker and quickly give you the upper hand in any real-life scenario.

Based on traditional Kung Fu training our fighting style originates from the Kung Fu style- THREE EMPEROR CANNON FIST.

Sifu Mark is a personal student of, and has trained extensively under Master Zhang Han Wen who is the lineage line holder of THREE EMPEROR CANNON FIST and the worlds leading authority of the CANNONFIST style.

Covering all aspects of fighting, from kicking and punching, elbows and knees, takedowns and opponent immobilisation, we can show you all the tools you will ever need to be confident in your ability to quickly handle any situation you face.