Need some extra motivation in the gym?

Just not feeling up to doing your workout today? Try this quick tip- Listen to uplifting music or a podcast that inspires you to do well and to give that little bit more. Listening to music that gets you ‘pumped’ is a great way to find that bit extra when things get...

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Compound Exercises Vs Isolation Exercises

One of the biggest mistakes I see beginners make is focusing too much on isolating the muscles.The truth is, single-joint exercises are far less effective than multi-joint exercises for muscle growth.Single Joint ExercisesMulti-Joint ExercisesBicep...

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Progressive Overload Training

The Basics Of Progressive Overload- Progressive overload is when you continually increase the demands you are placing on your musculoskeletal system to improve your strength, muscle size or endurance. As you get stronger you can add more weight to your exercises...

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What is better, Machines or Free Weights?

The debate on which is better for muscle growth has been going for decades. While both of these pieces of equipment have there place in the gym it is fair to say that it is most likely free weights that will give you the best advantages. When using free weights, the...

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Well, not really BUT it can help keep you accountable for maintaining your commitment to your fitness journey. Announce your fitness goals to the world, tell everyone what you are planning to do and show them how your journey is going. Tell everyone what your short...

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The body doesn’t grow in the gym, it grows while you rest, this is when your body gets stronger and rebuilds muscle. If you do not take adequate rest days you run the risk of over training and will actually sabotage your progress. Fatigue, lack or loss of appetite,...

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The importance of correct form when lifting weights

Correct form is essential to lifting weights and to have correct form takes consistency and practice. Weight training is a skill like any other sport and requires practice over time to improve.Warm up with the empty bar and add weight gradually, don't...

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT refers to short bursts of very hard work followed short rest breaks. This kind of training is very demanding but gets great results when done correctly. Weight loss, speed, explosive strength, and power can all be improved by using HIIT. Another great thing about...

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Log your sessions to track progress

Tracking your workouts is a great way to help you stay accountable and to keep you challenging yourself. Use whatever works for you, notepad, phone, training app whatever you will use consistently. Log your reps, sets, and rest breaks. Each session try to...

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