Combining HIIT and Strength Training

Combining both strength training and HIIT undoubtedly gets remarkable results. Why? If done on its own Strength training will add muscle and give you a tighter, stronger appearing physique but it will not work the cardiovascular aspect of a well-rounded fitness...

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Increase Mobility for Improved Lifting and Strength

Lifting weights is taxing on the body and some of the bigger lifts like the squat and deadlift require a certain amount of flexibility for you to become proficient in the lift. Limited movement resulting from tight muscles or poor flexibility will limit your ability...

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Benefits of 1 on 1 Personal Training?

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked. I want to get in shape but I need some help – is a Personal Trainer the right choice for me? OK, you have made the decision – you are going to hit the gym and get in shape, that’s brilliant. Now what? It...

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Workouts When Traveling

If you’re a fitness enthusiast you will be wanting to hit the gym every day. If you’re are just starting out on your fitness journey then you must be aware that the key to achieving your fitness goal is maintaining consistency. While you’re at home, this might not...

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Why add box jumps to your workout? It’s a fantastic addition to your program to boost explosive power AND to add some high intensity cardio. Heres a Tip- Try super setting them with your Deadlifts for a real challenge. Want to learn how to get maximum impact from your...

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Fat Loss

When it comes to training and weight loss some things are out of your control. How quickly you lose weight, how quickly the inches drop on the tape measure, how quickly the numbers go down on the scale or how quickly you see the changes from your hard work are all...

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“I don’t have time to train”

"I don't have time to train" is something that all personal trainers hear. The truth is that it's not that you don't have time to train, it's that you have not made it a priority or do not know how to maximise your time to give you the space you need to get to the...

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