If you’re a fitness enthusiast you will be wanting to hit the gym every day.

If you’re are just starting out on your fitness journey then you must be aware that the key to achieving your fitness goal is maintaining consistency.

While you’re at home, this might not seem to be a challenging task because you have a set daily routine. However, many corporate people often complain that they find it hard to maintain their fitness goal because of frequent travel schedules.

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, traveling means a change in daily routine, a change in place which means your workout schedule gets affected. Plus, with travel, there is a possibility of having a change in your diet regime as well. This can further impact your health and overall fitness goal. The case is even worse among frequent travelers. Along with the change in daily routine and diet, you might be jet lagged as well if you’re doing long-distance air travel. This can further make you feel sluggish and you may tend to skip your workout regime.

Travel has its own hazards too. Sitting for long hours, lifting luggage, walking along the transits in airports all take their own toll on your health. Not to mention the adventures that you encounter during your travel. Knowing how to exercise and the right techniques for workouts when traveling will not only help you stay fit but help you hit your fitness goal. If all these sound familiar scenarios, then we have some solutions for you! Read on for more…

Tip #1

If you’re determined to do workouts when traveling then nothing can stop you! Begin with your luggage packing before leaving home. Take a pair of running shoes, a pair of track pants and gym shirts. If you’re traveling for holiday, take a pair of swimsuits as well.

Tip #2

Most hotels have their own gyms which are operational 24 /7. Get up in the morning and hit the gym before your day starts. A morning workout routine is always a fantastic idea which makes you feel fresh and active.

Tip #3

Traveling to a beach? Put on your swimsuit and take a dip in the sea! Even better, running or walking along the beach soaking in the morning sun is a great way to stay active and get some dose of vitamin D. Later, taking a dip in the sea will definitely rejuvenate your mind and body.

Tip #4

If you’re on a road trip, get out of your car every hour or so and stretch, do some body weight exercises while you are at it, it is an innovative way to keep your heart pumping!

Tip #5

If you’re traveling with young kids, get into some fun outdoor activities. Running, jumping, playing outdoor games not only help you spend fun time with your little ones but these are great workout ideas while traveling. Pack a skipping rope, go on a cycling trip, the choice is yours!

Workout ideas when there is no hotel gym..!!

1. Hitting the gym is always a great idea, but what to do if your hotel does not have one? Ask reception if there is a gym located close to your hotel. Some hotels have discount deals with the gyms for casual visits, this is a great alternative if your hotel does not have a gym.

2. If you’re into bodyweight training, you already know the benefits of it. Apart from being a great workout routine, it can be done in your hotel room. Push-ups, pull-ups, glute bridge, burpees, and squats are some great bodyweight movements to get started with. As you get more confident in these movements, you can add a weight vest, or hold a dumbbell for increased resistance.

3. A simple workout routine can be a mix of push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats. If you’re a beginner start with a set of 10 each. As you gain your expertise, you can increase the number to 100.

4. If you’re into stretching , there is nothing better better than a 30 minutes stretching routine to loosen up your tired traveled joints.

5. Did we tell you that climbing stairs itself is a great workout? So next time you get into your hotel, use the stairs to climb up to your floor. Add a mix of sprints or planks to it to turn it into your workout station.

Quick routine idea-

Try this travel-friendly workout routine to burn off the extra calories that you might be putting on during your travel.

Start with 4 rounds of-
jumping lunges
1 min wall sit with hands on head,
jumping squats,
1 min plank.

Take a 1 minute rest, then repeat

Incorporate these fitness routine ideas and tips when you next travel and you will not have to miss your workouts anymore.
Remember the famous saying, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’!
Whether you have gym access or not, these tips will definitely help you reach your workout goals even on the move!
Remember, the key is consistency and determination if you want to achieve the ultimate fitness goal.